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Branding not just for cows?…

No it’s for businesses, organizations, personal it is for everything. My firm services clients in the entire North West. However our office is located in Eastern Oregon. This is the home of “Branding”…


I got to join in on real branding and it was an experience I will never forget. It got me thinking, as far back as time can tell everyone was branding something. Ranchers branded their livestock with their own custom brand so it was easily identified when mixed with other ranchers stock.


This is a cool,analogy for modern times. Think of how many car manufacturers there are? How many computers and cell phones along with their carriers? In the cattle drive of consumerism each of these corporations have distinct brands to single them out from the pack.


Does your brand do that? Do you even know how to develop that process? We get asked daily to make a “logos” for companies. It’s flattering, however a logo is only a small piece to the puzzle. If you're thinking all you have to do is get a logo, print a few business cards and jump on the social media without a strategy, you're wasting valuable time.


“A brand is more than just a logo, if your corporation or small business does not define itself then it will be defined by others.”

~ Jeff Wright CEO Artifx Media Inc.


Create a comprehensive strategy. At my firm we are experts in designing a measurable branding strategy for our clients. Business is a brand strategy, brands make it their business to become known for offering distinctive experiences. Established brands understand that business is all about those experiences. Take a look at Disneyland or Carnival Cruise Lines


What a fun place, their branding is the experience not the logos, it’s all about fun. Define what you want the consumer to experience and build your brand from there.





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