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What do you get when you Google

“creative agencies Idaho”? 

You find websites that boasts the same repetitive, over used statements; they are “out of the box thinkers”. Honestly if an agency uses that term “out of the box”, they couldn’t actually be more in the box and you should take your business and run. 

 When choosing to use an advertising agency, most would consider big city agencies located in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles or New York for the most unique creative right? Wrong, the misconception is that you can only find ultra-creative agencies in big cities. It is important to keep one thing in mind; you can find these extremely talented agencies in big cities. Because of their locations come big city prices tags too.  

Consider something new, what about mid-size cities in unexpected areas of the Northwest? Idaho, Washington and Oregon are home to some of the most unique agencies with the same abilities and talent as the big city boys and girls (Hi, Wexley School for Girls).  That is why it is important to look outside the predictable big city borders when searching for your next ad agency.  Your next big idea might not come from the Emerald City. 

Enter AMI Advertising Agency.  Strategically positioned between the borders of Idaho, Oregon and Washington, AMI is in prime position to take your business into 2013.  Many would be surprised to find a full-service ad agency placed in Walla Walla, WA.  But with an expertise roster longer than your unshaven leg hair in the winter, suddenly you realize there is big city creative right in your own backyard.

 If managing your media budget is something your business needs in 2013 then contact the Media Gurus at AMI.  AMI manages budgets in the upwards of 3 million dollars in 2012, media placement is one of AMI Ad Agencies strengths.  Now you can have a partner with the tools to increase your ROI and save you money too.  

Maybe public perception and reality need an alignment call on the Public Relations department at AMI Advertising Agency.  From New York Times Square Billboard exposure to full media coverage of the Pacific Northwest, when it comes to PR, we are good.  One PR strategy campaign resulted in over $400,000 in sales for a wine client.  This was 43% of their entire sales in an 18 month period.  And AMI Ad Agency achieved this success in 3 short months.

So whether you are a hospital looking to grow its daily patient count, a coffee retailer looking to increase your brand awareness or a casino looking to cash in big on your 2013 marketing, AMI is ready for the challenge. 


AMI Advertising Agency



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